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Hello and welcome. Here's a bit about me: I've spent my childhood and a lot of my life traveling. Places, colour and pattern are my biggest inspiration. I've surfed & lived in a tent in Cornwall. Sketched my way round Morocco. Designed from an antique textile archive in Manhattan (dream job!). Styled and written for an interiors magazine on the sleepy island of Malta. Now I live in Manchester, UK, where I run Design Rocks greetings cards. Whilst in Manhattan I amassed a large collection of vintage textiles. These were used as inspiration for my first card range, Vintage Rocks! We sell wholesale so if you'd like a brochure visit the website or get in touch. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

"This time next year Rodney...

...we'll be millionaires!"

In true Del Boy entrepreneurial style, I've contacted the printers and I'm thinking of doing another 30 ish designs and then a great trade fair called Top Drawer in that London town. There be big buyers there and thems are the kind of people I need.

Of course it could all go tits up and I'll be paying off my credit card for the rest of my life, living in a house made of boxes of cards. It's a massive gamble in a recession but as Del Boy would say, "You've got to speculate to accumulate my Son".

I'll see how it goes this weekend first, if I sell 2 cards I might have to revise my business plan!


Nic said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will be fine, your cards are great.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have you heard of something called The Ladder Club? It is organised by Lynn Tait and is something to do with small greetings card businesses setting up as publishers (or something like that). A couple of girls I went to college with did this and are running a really sucessful business www.papersalad.co.uk - might be worth you investigating. Let me know how you get on, Kate x

Mrs B said...

gooooooooooooood luck,good luck, gooooooooooooooood luck!! Sending selling vibes your way x x x x

designrocks said...

Thanks a million, it's lovely having you all root for me!!

I have heard of the ladder club and will investigate more. Only trouble is it all seems based in south east. But will find out and will have a look at paper salad too.

Have a lovely weekend - will post saturday night and let you know how I get on!